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Benefits of the Practice

A Life of Mindfulness

By developing our yin qualities, we become more sensitive and intuitive.  We come to recognize more easily when we have had enough of sitting in front of the computer, when we have had enough of running around tending to others’  needs or wants — thus giving ourselves the time and space to step back and take a break.
How do we make the transition from our practice to living with mindfulness and more awareness?
Eventually, and quite naturally after some time practicing Yin Yoga and meditation, the state you experience in meditative practice will start to carry and overflow into your daily life.  Driving, listening to music, walking your dog, talking on the phone, or attending meetings at work — these are all activities where a meditative state can easily be accessed and put to practical use.  The more one can practice simply becoming an observer of the mind, of the emotions, experiences and body sensations, the greater ones capacity is to be in the heightened mindful state throughout daily life.